Insight: The Future of Fintech-Driven Remittance

Unifying the siloed remittance industry for growth

As it stands, the remittance industry is somewhat siloed, with non-bank financial intermediaries (NBFIs) who have yet to embrace technology falling behind, not only in their business growth, but also losing out on tapping the digital maturity of today’s customers.

This is why our CEO and founder, Calvin Goh, believes in “empowering (these) companies in the remittance ecosystem to grow their strengths, which will contribute to the reshaping of the remittance industry and its capabilities.”

Read Entrepreneur’s Asia Pacific feature with Calvin to get his insight on how the future of fintech can help unify the siloed remittance industry and deliver an alternative means for those who don’t have access to traditional remittance services.


A version of this feature was originally published on Entrepreneur Asia Pacific.

Photo: rawpixel / Pexels
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