Terms of Use

Updated as of 07/05/2018

By using our website www.koku.io (“Website”) and related services that we provide (“Service”), you are subject to the following “Terms of Use”.


The copyright and all other intellectual property in the contents of this Website belong to N4P Pte. Ltd. (UEN no. 201425406Z), and where applicable, third party proprietors. This includes, although not limited to, all logos, software, images, texts, trademarks, design, and all other intellectual property. It is illegal to use, copy, or distribute any of our content unless obtaining prior permission from us.


Any information provided to us by you must be true and accurate if you wish to use our Service, and you may only use our Service in accordance to any applicable local or international laws.

We will not work with (non-exhaustive):

  • Illegal businesses under the applicable country’s laws
  • Businesses with any activities related to money laundering
  • Businesses with any activities related to terrorist financing.

Even if you have cleared our initial screening and due diligence components, we will terminate your account immediately and hand over the necessary information to the relevant authorities if we suspect that you might be engaging in any of the abovementioned prohibited activities.


We will determine, at our sole discretion, if there has been a breach of this Terms of Use. If we deem that there has been a breach, the following actions might take place:

  • Issuance of warning
  • Suspension (indefinite) or termination of account
  • Taking of legal action against you
  • Reporting or disclosure of information to the relevant authorities

(Even if we do not do any of the above straightaway, that does not mean we acquiesce or give up our rights to take action later on.)


The Service that we provide to you is operating on a Stored Value Facility that is under the purview of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

You hereby declare that you have read this document carefully and acknowledge the associated risks.


Koku reserves the right to update this Terms of Use at any time. The revised policy will be publicised on this Website, so please review it periodically. If the change is significant, we will provide a more prominent notice (and will notify you by email).


If you have any queries about the Terms of Use, please feel free to email us at legal@koku.io.