Scale your business globally with ease

Automate the tedious reconciliation process and start collecting payments worldwide with Koku Checkout.

Accept different payment modes

Cater to customers worldwide by offering localised bank transfer options and Credit/Debit card payments (coming soon). With localised payment options, your customers can easily pay you without worrying about international transaction costs.

Convert Your Revenue

Easily collect and convert revenue back to your home currency while eliminating excessive bank fees. Koku’s network gets you the live exchange rate at the lowest possible cost.

Forget The Paperwork

We settle the payments with your customers so that you can focus on building your business. Be informed when your payments are settled. No more waiting for manual confirmations from customers.

Get started with collecting and processing payments for your business.

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Easy Integration

We've built plugins for major platforms in different languages. Integrate, go live and collect payments quickly.


Protect transactions with our automated and comprehensive fraud-detection and risk assessment measures.


We only partner with Level 1 PCI-DSS certified companies. This means that you and your customer's data will always be secure.

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Our support team will ensure that all your questions — from business-related enquiries to integration concerns — are answered.

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